Park Buildings With Kitchens

Rental Rates

(R) Bi-County Residents; (NR) Non-Residents
Week Day
9 Hour Rental
15 Hour Rental*
Monday - Thursday
$190 (R); $250 (NR)
$320 (R); $420 (NR)
Friday - Sunday $280 (R); $365 (NR)
$465 (R); $605 (NR)
Holidays** $475 (R); $620 (NR)
$800 (R); $1040 (NR)
*15 hour rate option available for select buildings only.
**When the Department is closed, holiday surcharges apply.

Building Reservations

2020 Building Reservations Will Begin Tuesday, October 1, at 8:30 am

Reservations may be made over the phone at 301-699-2400, or in person at 6600 Kenilworth Ave, Riverdale, MD 20737, during office hours (Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm). Online reservations may be made at any time.

The full rental fee is due upon reservation. An additional $200 security deposit is due two business days before the rental date.

Patrons will need to be verified in the new registration system, PARKS DIRECT, by providing valid proof of residency, age, and identification. This must be done in-person at the Park Permits Office at 6600 Kenilworth Ave, Riverdale, MD 20737, or at your local community center.