Boy Scout Programs

Tiger Cubs
Old Fashioned Family Fun - Spend time with your family - 18th-century style. Scouts will tour Montpelier Mansion while discovering the clothes and pastimes of children in colonial times. Families will make a scrapbook to take home.

Outdoor Fun, 18th Century Style - Take a walk and play outdoors games on the grounds of Montpelier Mansion. Then, come inside where scouts will tour this 18th century home while experiencing the fashion and fun of the times. Before heading home, scouts will make and fly a paper bag kite.

History Investigators - Experience history by investigating this 18th-century Georgian mansion, including the clothes, and the fun and games of the colonial times. Scouts will discover ways to uncover their own family’s past and make a journal to record their own history - with ink and quill, of course!

Wheelchair Accessibility
Montpelier Mansion does have some, but not total, accessibility for wheelchairs. For details, please call 301-377-7817.